Intermediate Mat Pilates


Days : 2 days

Hours : 14 hours

Address : 13150 Biscayne BLVD, North Miami, FL 33181


June  9/10  2018

SPECIAL OFFER : $1990 of $ 2210 for LF’ Pilates International Instructor Certificate

For who ?

. Sports educators with a Sport Educator’s State Certificate or a Professional Gym-Foce-Form Activity Certificate or equivalent

. Personal trainers or coaches

. Trainers and sports educators

. Health professionals (Physiotherapist, midwives or other)

. Dance teachers of Pilates, fitness and / or physical education



. Have validated Matwork I.

. Master the anatomy and physiology basics

. Knowledge of the right position and breathing methods



. Improve your technical knowledge in Pilates

. Be able to teach the Pilates at the intermediary level, including the right placements of the body

. Know the 25 Pilates movements of level “LF’Pilates Matwork II” and their options (personal practice, technical knowledge of movements, movement names, attention points, adapted visualization, objectives and motor muscles of movements.)

. Be able to recognized the defaults of practitioners and correct them

. Be able to realize fluid and logical movement sequences



. Learning the different placements to adopt in Pilates Matwork II

. Learning  each movement, of different options, objectives, attention points, visualization, motor muscles and the 25 first movements stabilizers LF’Pilates and their options of Matwork II level

. Work on individual and personal realization of each movement

. Put into practice of the teaching of each movement


The most

. Educational means and varied technique implemented for each of our trainees. (collective classroom, training manual, computer equipment…)

. Our trainers are experimented and selected among the best

. Validation with a LF’ Pilates Matwork II certificate