Fundamental Mat Pilates


Days : 4 days

Hours : 28 hours

Address : 13150 Biscayne BLVD, North Miami, FL 33181


May  12/13  and  May  19/20  2018

SPECIAL OFFER : $1990 of $ 2210 for LF’ Pilates International Instructor Certificate

For who ?

. Sports educators with a Sport Educator’s State Certificate or a Professional Gym-Foce-Form Activity Certificate or equivalent

. Personal trainers or coaches

. Trainers and sports educators

. Health professionals (Physiotherapist, midwives or other)

. Dance teachers of Pilates, fitness and / or physical education



. Master the anatomy and physiology basics

. Knowledge of the right position and breathing methods



. To be able to design and propose fundamental Pilates sessions of quality, individual or collective

. Learn the  Pilates Matwork I tools that can be used in other disciplines of physical activity or rehabilitation by qualified professionals

. Know the fundamental principles of Pilates method, the specified positions  and be able to teach them

. Be able to recognize the defaults of practitioner positions and correct them

. Know the biomechanics of Pilates Matwork I movements and the different options of these movements to adapt to the level and objectives of the practitioners

. Personally master Pilates practice at Matwork level I



. History of Pilates

. Learning the principles of the Pilates method

. Learning of the 6 fundamentals movement, their different options, their objectives, their points of attention, their options, their objectives, their points of attention, their visualizations, their motor muscles and stabilizers

. Work of individual and personal realization of each movement

. Practice the teaching of each movement

. Certificate evaluation, at the end of the training, written and thorough


The most

. Educational means and varied technique implemented for each of our trainees. (collective classroom, training manual, computer equipment …)

. Our trainers are experienced coaches, selected from among the best

. Validation with a LF’ Pilates Matwork I certificate